408 - Rival Lesbian Sex Slaves

10:50 video

Rival Lesbian Sex-slaves Initiate Newcomer Plaything with Zip Tie Bondage and XXXX Orgasms!
Part 1 of a 3-part Custom Video!

Sandra and Lisa were always vying for the favor of their master, and now with the addition of a third slave to the mix, their efforts are going to get even harder.  They decide to take out some of their frustrations on Vivienne while he’s away. After a night out, the three girls in their cocktail dresses, Stockings and heels decide to take a walk of the grounds. Suddenly the two luscious lesbians drag the long-legged interloper, Vivienne, into the garage for an intense initiation, and maybe scare her away.  Vivienne is Zip-tied, to a pole, a rag is stuffed into her mouth, held in with another Zip tie.  She is helpless as her one leg is ziptied to an additional pole as Sandra holds her other leg wide open, so that Lisa can attack Vivienne with a vibrating wand, wringing orgasm after orgasm out of her until she’s raw. All the while, buxom Sandra gropes and molests Viv’s Perky tits!  But Lisa isn’t satisfied eliminating just  one competitor…

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