009 - Raquel Roper is Bound in an Abandoned Cage

15:09 video

Raquel Roper is a total bondage loving babe. She's sexy, she's smart, she's very bendy and loves nothing more than to be tied up. So when I suggest to her we should do some rope she's all in. Except I don't tell her we are doing it in an abandoned building, in the middle of the woods. She isn't happy, to say the least.

She is naked, and her ankles and knees get bound first. She complains the whole time, calling me names, acting like she doesn't like it, telling me it's too tight. The works. But that's okay, I don't care. I tie her elbows together behind her back, leaving them spread slightly in the middle so I can make this worse on her. It gets anchored behind her neck and then I pull her hands back, locking rope around her fingers. I then wrap rope extremely tightly across her breasts, compressing them down and getting more screams and complaining.

She gets flipped over onto her stomach and I ballgag her, tired of listening to the bitching. She gets angry at me as I tie her hair back, making sure she can't lower her face down at all. The rope gets pulled back to her ankles and then I tie it off to her elbows and then her toes. I tickle her bare feet just a little bit and make her scream and whine at me even more. A few souvenir photos later and I decide I'm done.

She says the nicest thing to me at the end of the video...

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