420 - Three Squirming Slavegirls

13:43 video

Daring to double cross her double crosser, the devious dame Lisa deigns to excuse her dastardly doings to the Boss. Big Boss brandishes bonds, binding her badly to the third beam. All three lovely, lascivious and luscious ladies are lashed cruelly to the lumber by the lumbering lug, languishing languidly but looking lickable!  Gagged, gyrating (go with it) and groped, the girls gasp at the gargantuan goon when he gives them the goods but good with glee.  The vibrator's victims vary in their vociferous voices facing these vexations. Silently, Senior Sadist stuffs the sensual (Satanic?) staves into their secret spaces, sending waves of special sensations through their senses.  After the awesome acrobatics of applying all at once, our ally adds adhesive!  Taping not two but three tarts, these tasty treats are tantalized by the terrific touch of the taped tools until the time runs out.

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