307 - The Missing Ingredient

10:15 video

Sometimes things don't go as planned for shoots.  This video is taken just minutes after I was zipping Vivienne up into her armbinder when I managed to pull the zipper off of it.  This was very frustrating for everyone, especially Viv who spent so much time trying to get it to fit just right before I broke it.  Ahh, well, that's how these things go from time to time, isn't it?  Well, she was complaining a bit too much and when I ballgagged her, she didn't stop.  I tried to pull it in tighter but she was fighting me, still annoyed about the Great Armbinder Fiasco of 2017, and by that point I'd had enough.  I grabbed a padlock and locked her ankles together, leaving her to squirm a bit on the dressing box while I worked out what other misery to visit upon her.  Maybe I could distract her from the broken zipper.  


I find it, the missing ingredient, which is a length of chain.  I attach this from her ankle cuffs and pull it up to her collar and lock it on.  I return the remainder to her ankles.  All in all, she is a very helpless little vixen and looks absolutely adorable, even while pissed off at the guy with the keys to her locks.  With any luck, we will have a nice day without any more incidents and she will find it in her to forgive my minor mistake.  But then again, maybe you'll have to wait until part two of the video to see what else happens to our lovely damsel!

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