301 - A Difficult Position

8:45 video

Things aren't going terribly well for Vivienne in today's update.  She has been bound with only two pieces of rope and yet finds herself completely unable to escape.  If she tries to release herself with her hands, she is unable to hold her body weight up and gets a very unpleasant constricting sensation.  She is forced to teeter for a long while on the spongy mattress, trying her best to not sink further.


After a while, Ogre decides that isn't enough and so he binds her hands together in front of her so that she is absolutely forced to support herself with both hands the whole time.  He reaches through the curtains and gives her a brisk caning once in a while, reveling in her whining and misery, the drool dripping constantly from behind the ballgag wedged firmly behind her lips.  She is abjectly unhappy for the duration of this video and that's just how we like her: miserable.

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